About AODE

Founded in 2007, it is the only branch of Chinese mainland Lucas Alliance (Hongkong) International Design Co., Ltd.Located in Shekou, Shenzhen, the core of Dawan District, the company is a highly praised and well-known design institution in the industry.

Focusing on tourism area planning and design, urban renewal planning, residential landscape and planning design, commercial complex (including shopping complex, office and creative park, industrial park, etc.), hotel and resort design, pension industry planning, urban space design Planning and design of beautiful countryside, characteristic town, theme park, interior design and other related fields. Aode landscape design team can be composed of senior Chinese designers with many years of project experience in major architectural and landscape planning and design companies around the world. They love creativity, are passionate, practical and steady, respect the opinions of owners, understand the global design trend, be familiar with local customs, pay attention to efficient communication and team cooperation, and strive to build a design brand of international boutique routes, To create a green and livable poetic life, we have been highly recognized by our colleagues and clients by means of continuous innovation and diversified comprehensive service capabilities for many years. We have formed a planning and landscape design work that highlights details, highlights style and optimizes cost.

Aode Vision: an international comprehensive design institution that respects regional culture and ecological environment. 
Aode Value: to provide competitive design solutions and create maximum value for customers under controllable cost. 
Aode Mission: to respect the sustainable values of ecological environment and make use of artistic principles to form a humanized design with balance of three elements: "Aesthetics" + "ecology" + "function" 

Aode Slogan——Open a window to the scenery

A:Art          O:Original           D: Design              E:Ecological

  • Focus on tourist area planning and design,urban renewal planning, residential landscape and planning and design, commercial complex (including shopping complex,offiffiffice and creative park, industrial park,etc.) landscape and planning and design,hotel and resort design, urban space design, beautiful countryside, special town,children's paradise planning and related


  • Focus on tourist area planning and design,urban renewal planning, residential landscape and planning and design, commercial complex (including shopping complex,offiffiffice and creative park, industrial park,etc.) landscape and planning and design,hotel and resort design, urban space design, beautiful countryside, special town,children's paradise planning and related


  • Focus on tourist area planning and design,urban renewal planning, residential land scape and planning and design, commercial complex (including shopping complex, offiffiffice and creative park, industrial park, etc.) landscape and planning and design, hotel and resort design, urban space design, beautiful countryside, special town, children's paradise planning and related



  • The CEO


    She is the founder of Shenzhen Aode landscape, an advocate and practitioner of new landscape and new concept. She has been engaged in tourism planning, residential area planning, commercial complex format design and planning, and urban landscape design for nearly 30 years. He was born in Sichuan and grew up in the capital of Guangdong. He has learned from various cultural factors, based on the land of Lingnan, connected with the international vision, and was familiar with Chinese garden culture. He has unique views on the space creativity, living adaptability, ecological sustainable environmental protection, international cultural creative trend and the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture. She once worked in Australia‘s peddle Thorp architectural design company. She was one of the first senior designers in China to put the international landscape design concept into practice in China. Together with the then senior Chinese designer team, she produced the first batch of national top luxury residential areas and five-star hotel renovation projects. She set up her own company in 2007. With high quality requirements and respect for academic research, she led the team to produce projects that not only contain strong humanistic feelings, but also integrate modern global life philosophy and excellent traditional cultural factors.
    "To be broad-minded and to make an appointment; to accumulate thick but to make thin hair"

    •  registered member of ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects);
    Corbusier, the giant‘s architecture, the head of the mainland China‘s first exhibition (50th anniversary Corbusier‘s death in 2015).
    •  "new real estate" director unit representative;
    •  representative of the director unit of Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Association;
    •  vice president of Shenzhen Branch of Southwest University Alumni Association;
    •  China EU cultural exchange Ambassador of the European Cultural Festival organized by credaward, the land architect in 2019;
    •  part time tutor of landscape architecture discipline (field) of Guangdong Ocean University;
    •  representative of the sponsor unit of qianai Dapeng coral conservation action plan in Dapeng New District, Shenzhen;
    •  member of the steering committee of landscape architecture major of Shenzhen Polytechnic;
    •  representative of Shenzhen Urban Planning Association;
    •  representative of the board of directors of Shenzhen Urban Planning Association;
    •  the 11th and 13th expert judges of the golden plate Award;
    •  evaluation expert of Shenzhen "Meisha Bay Tourism Promotion Planning in Yantian District";
    •  review expert of Shenzhen Dapeng Suo city tourism area to create national 4A scenic spot promotion plan;
    •  review expert of "tourism planning of Jingui Town, Pingshan New District" in Shenzhen;
    •  experts in the evaluation meeting of 20 candidate scenic spots of "ten scenes of Bao‘an" in Shenzhen;
  • Deputy general manager

    Tang Wei

  • Technical Designer

    Liu Hezhi

    15 years of landscape design experience, 10+ landscape management experience, led the completion of nearly 50+ landscape projects, covering: residential real estate, commercial complex, hotel, park and other diversified projects. Since joining Aode in 2012, I have been working as the technical director. I have rich design ability and project management ability. I have strong organizing and coordinating ability in construction drawing design and management. At the same time, I am proficient in relevant regulations, norms and regulations, and have rich experience in construction drawing design. I can provide strong technical support for the owner to ensure that his concept is reflected.
    Responsible for a major projects: cofco jiangmen new yue jin cloud project, sunshine town group fuzhou changle fei li bay project, c&d group zhuhai central jiing project, zhongjian group of xi ‘an city project, zhongnan group meizhou diffuse yue wan project, heaven and earth source group xi ‘an Dan xuan, oct group wenzhou joy of heaven and earth project, jung: kunming Swiss ecological peninsula garden villas, huaqiang group nantong John China projects, and many other projects, including a number of projects won the domestic landscape prize award.
    Design is not a conclusion, but a hypothesis.

  • Director of operations

    Chen Haiyu

    Landscape design major, 10 years + landscape design experience, worked in cimc real estate company as a landscape architect, sheng, he bo and other well-known design company as a business manager, in the context of the international company accumulated the rich operation and business development comprehensive management experience, familiar with real estate bidding process and the laws and regulations, has a keen market observation, analysis, problem-solving skills, and business to promote the ability of resources integration, and keeps a good corporate image and customer relationship, improve customer brand recognition to the company. Can accurately grasp the needs of Party A, and coordinate the implementation of high quality projects. With more than ten years of experience in the industry of Party A and Party B, I have a deep involvement in project management and coordination, guide the design team to accurately locate customer needs, study and analyze market conditions, strictly promote project progress, and extend the integration of design brand positioning, simultaneous marketing and promotion.
  • Executive Director

    Tang Yun

  • Design Talent

    Zhu Mingfeng

    Graduated from Nanyang Institute of Technology, he has been working in landscape design for 8 years and has 6 years of project management experience. He has completed and implemented 13+ projects, and is committed to the research of overall conceptual scheme design. In planning level, construction level and landscape level design of multidimensional perspective, the perceptual design idea combined with rational design and analysis, found the problem, by "to analyze and solve problems" design thinking, look for and find suitable venue thematic and uniqueness, giving space multi-dimensional spatial experience and value orientation.
    The real estate companies we serve include Joyo, China Overseas, China Resources, HongRongYuan, Vanke, Jinmao, Yi ‘an, Star River, Wanda, HaoChuang, etc. The design projects include residential, industrial park and commercial office space. Good at refining and deepening the conceptual scheme in the early stage to create the theme and uniqueness of a truly suitable project. Pay attention to detail design, so as to effectively avoid the risk points in each stage of the project. Rich experience in the control of concept, scheme, initial expansion, construction drawing site design and construction process.
    Major projects in charge: Chengdu China jinjiang city demonstration zone, Shanghai fengxian goya, yan wanda demonstration zone, xi ‘an, China shipping qujiang city (implementation), the host of heaven and earth E - 17 BC land landscape, foshan vanke green garden, xinjiang China mansion, no. 9 excellence Tang Jiashu demonstration zone, zhuhai hong information about rong yuan, the Chinese university of Hong Kong (shenzhen), academy, h foshan ronggui residential, Shandong E-Jiao Hotel, Hainan China Resources Shimei Bay Jiuli II, Luofu Pure Land Humanities Memorial Park Pioneer Cow Theme Park, Foshan Lexin Sheng Mansion Demonstration Area
    Design famous words: designer, should be a embrace design ideal life of people.

  • Construction drawing designer

    Wu Xiaofen

    Graduated from Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College, majoring in Urban Landscape Architecture, and joined AODE Design since 2018. In AODE design, I was mainly responsible for construction drawing design. So far, I have participated in more than 40 construction drawings of landscape design projects, mainly covering diversified projects such as commercial real estate, commercial complex, office industrial park, hotel, municipal park and so on

    Major projects in charge: Guangzhou Nanhu Villa E Area Project, Shenye Changsha Yanghu Project, Xianyou Construction and Development · Xi Academy, Jiande Yangxi Garden, Jiande Peking University passenger transport center, COFCO Jiangmen Xinyue Jinyun, Shenye Dongguan Songshan Lake, Nanfeihong Yunjing Lanwan Community, etc

  • Senior Plant designer

    Huang Yanping

    I graduated from Southwest Forestry University majoring in Landscape Architecture in 2016. I have been engaged in plant design and project management in a real estate landscape design company for four years. I have strong organizational and coordination ability in construction drawing design and management, and I am good at using my experience and knowledge to coordinate and communicate with relevant authorities. At the same time, I am proficient in relevant laws and regulations, norms and procedures, and have rich experience in construction drawing design. I am able to provide strong technical support for the owners to ensure that their ideas are reflected.
    Major projects in charge: Nanning Long Court Project, Canbang Long Court Pavilion Project, Canbang Jingqi Mansion Project, Guangzhou Nanhu Villa Project, Zhuhai Vanke Zhenwan Mansion Project, Shenzhen Saint Maurice Villa Garden, etc.

  • The project manager

    Huang Yudan

    Graduated from Changchun Institute of Engineering, majoring in environmental art design, and engaged in landscape design for 8 years. Participated in the management of more than 50 projects, with the ability to communicate internally and externally and control the quality of relevant drawings, project quality management, and field experience. Business coverage: residential real estate, commercial complex, hotel, municipal parks, rural reconstruction and other diversified projects.

    Responsible for a major projects: shenzhen c&d founded jiing yue xuan projects, nanning c&d passenger transportation center of Peking University, fuzhou train station, dongguan sunshine town group is famous garden project, south lake villa E area landscape project, datang impression, jung Mr Spiral lions bay phase 5 A8 villas garden plot, nantong huaqiang John China, sunshine town group commercial east of suzhou at pingkiang, zhongnan agile mei country sanfeng village project scene, cofco park, dongguan sunshine heaven and earth and core business center, nanjing G02 plot, st Maurice A06, etc

  • Landscape architect

    Wang Wen

    Graduated from Hunan University of Humanities and Science, majoring in environmental art, engaged in landscape design industry for 4 years, covering residential real estate, commercial complex, hotel and other diversified projects. Since I joined ODA in 2019, I have been working as a designer. I have certain design ability and communication ability, and I am good at using my knowledge to coordinate and communicate with other departments.

    Projects: Quanzhou Construction and Development - Xianyou Xi Courtyard, Central South Land Meizhou Yahu Summit Project, Guangdong-Huizhou Canbang Longtingguan Mansion, Guangdong-Huizhou Canbang Jingyue Mansion, Guangzhou Nanhu Villa Project, Nanning Construction and Development Peking University Passenger Transportation Center Project, Qingdao COFCO Joy City, Shanghai OCT Tangzhen Project

    Design quotes: people can change the environment, the environment can affect people, and design can change people and the environment.

  • Landscape architect

    Qu Hanyang

    Graduated from The Landscape architecture major of Weifang University in Shandong Province, worked in 2017, with 3 + years of experience in landscape design. Participated in more than 10 large and medium-sized municipal projects and more than 20 real estate projects, has a high passion and pursuit of landscape design. Good at combining the site itself and customer requirements, to create design needs and cultural connotation of the design works.

    Main projects I have been responsible for: zhuhai jinfa jingjing jinglan bay, dongguan shenye songshan lake, cofco jiangmen xinyue jinyun, Qingdao cofco Joy City chunfeng, etc.

  • Landscape architect

    Xu Ting

    Graduated from Yangtze university landscape design, landscape design from 4 years, 40 + project management to participate in the project, be engaged in design work, respect for the traditional Chinese culture, has a high enthusiasm for landscape and pursuit, to participate in a number of large projects, is good at draw inspiration from the culture and art, combined with the site feature, build a sense of place and the western culture of design;